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Air Filtration

What is the function of an air filter?

Their function is to filter your air as the airflow circulates the system. They do not just keep dust and pollen out; they are also tasked with keeping larger particles out of your HVAC system, preventing stress and damage that can lead to equipment repairs. Dirty, unchanged filters are a leading cause of issues with your HVAC system, like overheating or freezing.

Types of filters

Pleated filter


HEPA filter


Roll filter


Risks of unchanged filters

Neglecting to change your air filters when necessary results in dust, mold, and other particles entering your air and reducing the indoor air quality. Clogged filters will force your system to expend more energy, costing you more in utility costs, for poorer air quality. Reduced flow adds stress to your equipment, that leads to parts replacement and repair work. Are you are losing costs for not following a simple filter change discipline? Call us today for HVAC service in NH.

How often should I change my filters?

Depending on your commercial environment filter change frequency can differ from twice a year, to quarterly or even monthly.
uncleaned filter

What you need to do

Preventing these issues and ensuring you have the best quality air is as simple as changing the air filters on a regular basis! Checking the state of your air filter is part of GSPH preventative maintenance inspection. Schedule your Spring and Fall tune ups with us for peace of mind about your HVAC system.