Company Profile

The main cores of our business are commercial mechanical contracting, commercial plumbing and HVAC service, and preventive maintenance. We build and maintain high quality systems that are long-lived and highly-efficient providing an excellent return-on-investment and low energy costs.

Our Mission

To provide the best value HVAC and mechanical systems installation and service, principally in the mid-market commercial industrial and institutional sectors, while caring for our customers, employees and the environment.

Our Philosophy

We believe that by providing our customers with quality, efficient and maintainable systems for their capital investments and then providing excellent service and preventive maintenance, we are doing our best for our customers and the environment. This approach has resulted in excellent referral business from past and existing customers.


Granite State Plumbing & Heating, Inc. was founded by Gerry Perron and incorporated in April of 1983 in the State of New Hampshire. From 1990 through 2005, GSPH was purchased by a series of increasing larger companies and is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Comfort Systems USA which is headquartered in Houston, TX. CSUSA is publically traded on the NYSE under the symbol FIX. Comfort Systems and its companies have 84 locations in 70 cities across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Comfort Systems

Comfort Systems USA and its companies have 84 locations in 70 cities across the United States and Puerto Rico. Being part of a much larger entity leverages our talents and resources so we can provide a much broader range of technical expertise and service than otherwise possible. It provides for greater financial strength and purchasing leverage by centralizing certain functions – information technology, marketing, fleet purchasing agreements, etc. We are able to partner with sister companies to provide support for wide-spread geographical projects and programs.

Our Financial Strength

Our sales have averaged over $38 million for the past three years. Average sales for Comfort Systems USA have been $1.86 billion for the last three years. This strong performance and financial backing provides us with bonding capabilities of up to $10 million per project with an aggregate of $30 million.

Our Own Specialized Tools and Equipment

In addition to many smaller specialized tools, we have designed and built two portable heat plants capable of providing 1.5 million BTUs that allow us to repair, or replace defective equipment without any loss of access to facilities due to "no heat" during cold spells. These same plants allow us to provide habitable environments for construction crews during winter construction projects prior to actually installing and firing up the new equipment. This also prevents lost days and sliding schedules due to severe weather conditions!